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You have an idea. Maybe you have a product. What’s next? We assist our clients in developing strategic business plans to get their new business off the ground or refocus their established company in a shifting marketplace. We provide business process analysis to find inefficiencies and provide potential solutions for optimization. We value partnering with our clients to aid in crisis communications, message development, public relations, and executive communication including public speaking coaching. Our greatest desire is to see our clients’ business reach greater heights through strategic decision making and winning strategies.

Issue Advocacy

Some campaigns go beyond a candidate’s campaign or even a ballot box. When your issue needs effective advocates, Haven is here. We are ready to manage your issue advocacy campaign and develop metrics to measure our shared success. Our unique approach of pairing high energy grassroots with high impact intelligence gathering is sure to get your issue advocacy campaign the traction it needs for success.


The decision to run for public office is one of the most serious choices a person can make.  Our partners can be trusted to provide you with the keys to victory. They will develop detailed campaign plans setting out campaign organization, message development, and vote goals, as well as digital, print, and video marketing strategies. We have key experience in message development, voter registration drives, ballot petition drives, coalition building, grassroots networking and training, digital marketing, voter contact, fundraising, policy research, public speaking coaching, and debate preparation. These are all tools in our chest to help you achieve your goals.

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Video Production

A picture is worth a thousand words. And the right picture and video can be worth thousands of votes or impressions. Our in house video crew can provide everything from professional video recording with premium optics, quality audio recording, and professional portable LED Studio lighting and diffusers. Whatever your video or photographic needs, we can provide an award winning experience and presentation.


If a great message exists but nobody hears it does your message succeed? We provide full service advertising, print, TV, and digital. We enjoy testing the limits with innovative digital strategies for our clients that focus on unique graphic design and intelligent digital targeting, especially on Facebook. We believe in creative outreach on traditional social media (Facebook and Twitter) as well as emerging platforms like Snapchat, Pandora, Spotify, and Instagram. We are dedicated to making your message heard in the most effective ways. We’re available for all of your social media platform optimization needs. 

Leadership Development

Businesses spend a lot of time and money ensuring their products win in the marketplace. But what about ensuring you have the winning team? We offer a full suite of leadership development and training courses for your business team, campaign, and political organization. Proven methods on relationship management, trust and team building, grassroots organizing, and relational leadership are available. These tools will help your teams get to the next level.

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